New Study Says Methadone Lowers Testosterone

Methadone has been used in replacement drug therapy since the 1930′s, shortly after heroin was banished from the job. The German-born synthetic opioid was marketed as the answer to the heroin epidemic that plagued the country. But is methadone really … read more

Methadone Use

methadone use

Ten Side Effects of Methadone Use

Many people seeking to get off of one illicit drug may turn to a medication like methadone. Methadone is used as a pain reliever and as part of a drug detoxification in rehabilitation programs. It is still a narcotic pain … read more

Methadone Addiction

Reasons Why Users Start Feeling Sick on Methadone

Methadone is one of the main ways that heroin users are treated in America today. Like heroin, methadone is an opiate drug. That means that it is similar to all of the other drugs that come from the opium poppy … read more

Methadone Rehab

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Why Methadone is Not a Solution to an Opiate Program

While the original purpose of Methadone is to stop a drug addiction, studies show that is simply not the common result. Most of the places that distribute methadone are for profit in nature. By this very nature, this is not … read more

Methadone Treatment

heroin problem

Why Methadone and Other Alternatives Do Not Work in the Long Run

The state of Maine is currently footing the bill for over 3,100 of its resident’s methadone every day.  The state is spending $16 million a year for the cost of the drugs, as well as transporting people to get the … read more

Methadone Abuse


Methadone and It’s Damaging Effects

Methadone, the drug most often prescribed to help withdrawal off of opiates, such as heroin is becoming more harmful than helpful. Methadone is used as an analgesic and maintenance anti-addictive medication for patients with opiate dependency. It was believed this … read more